Bitter Belief is an artist from Perth who has been apart of SBX since around 2009, working with artists such as Dazastah, Drapht, Sarah Pellicano, Hau, Divine, Solitary, Omac, Complete, Layla & Rob Shaker.

His first album was titled Isolation and followed a series a of mixtapes, he has also released a mixtape with Solitary titled The Cloak & Dagger as well as a solo mixtape titled The Tour Guide Mixtape. His latest album was titled The Gallery and was followed by Classix, a 6 track mixtape covering songs from some of music’s most iconic artists such as James Brown.

Now his new mixtape titled Horizon Haze is to be released through his launch on the 26th of March. The first song of the mixtape was released with a video titled iNWA, followed by the second titled Spinal Mystery, the song focuses on temptation and addiction related to drugs as well as doubt presenting us with some great visuals created by Complete.

Find out more about the launch: Horizon Haze Release Party/Launch

Facebook: Bitter Belief

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