In October last year Perth Now reported that it costed between $5000 and $10,000 to produce a kilo of meth in China, which lands a street value of up to $360,000 in WA. In September a WA Police bust nabbed 321 Kilograms of Meth, approximately 3.2 million “hits” for all the WA junkies. It’s undeniable that methamphetamine use is devastating lives, and local Perth MC Bluntfield captures the heartbreaking stories. In the video for The Dark Crystal featuring Billy Harris and Rob Shaker on production, local Perth filmmaker DVS and crew use movement to tell the real life tales that are just all too common.

Bluntfield – The Dark Crystal x Billy Harris (Produced by Rob …Methamphetamine use in Western Australia is unfortunately becoming more common with our states use far higher than the national average. The Dark Crystal features Billy Harris on vocals with Rob Shaker on production. Thanks to Mat Rafle and MadMutherBeats for the original beat and Jacqueline Pelczar, Elaine Smith and DVS for their work behind the scenes. You can listen to The Dark Crystal here – #Methamphetamine #TheDarkCrystal #Ice #Drugs #Gear #Shards #HipHop #Perth

Posted by Bluntfield on Sunday, January 10, 2016

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