Complete, Reams


Complete is a an artist from Perth who is member of The Psych Ward and has released a number of mixtapes including Panic Disorder, Paranoia Prison & The Devils Resume in collaboration with Omac. He has worked with many artists in Australia such as Manaz Ill, Greeley, Cheap Sober, Layla, Bitter Belief, Mr Grevis & Dribbles to name a few. He has performed at many events in Australia and has recently returned from his Hell & Back tour earlier this year. His new album Death Rattle is on its way and if his music didn’t already have enough hype, it does after his latest video that has over 400,000 views, titled Pokemon Rap.

Reams is also an artist from Perth and 1/3 of Hip Hop group Intrusive Thoughts. He has recently performed at venues in Sydney & Melbourne, after releasing his latest project The Reams LP. Intrusive Thoughts released their first album last year and have announced an EP that will be released this year, following the release of their video Friday. As a solo artist Reams has received a fair amount of attention after he uploaded a promo video to Facebook titled DOUBLE TIME BARS, though this video in particular has over 70,000 views, there are many more over 20,000. His video for Breathing has over 20,000 views on Youtube and also received a lot of attention, the song produced by Uncle Sam, and video directed by Ross Metcalf.

So now Complete & Reams have teamed up on a track produced by Uncle Sam and Mastered by Rob Shaker.

Facebook: Reams

Facebook: Complete