JayCee had a good 2015, debuting as an artist and releasing his first single, a few lyric video clips, and of course his album Identity Thieves in September. A 25 year-old rapper from Brisbane, Josh and his friend John started OAK Record Co. to produce jazz-influenced Hip Hop tracks for other artists. Not content to sit on the sidelines though, Josh began freestyling over the beats and the persona of JayCee was born.

Featuring in the clip is a masked male with a black, almost wild west like outfit gathering snow. This is representative of the fundamental story that is expressed by JayCee’s words in the track, the feeling of being torn between two mind sets/ two worlds/ two personalities; something that isn’t necessarily real and who someone wants to be.

The film clip, produced by JayCee’s brother, Thomas Cranstoun, was filmed and edited on a trip in Iceland, completely unbeknownst to JayCee. Thanks bro!

Facebook: JayCee
Website: Oak Records CO.
Soundcloud: JayCee


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