MC Boomalli

MC Boomalli ‘Keeper Of The Word’ featuring Tallulah Ambrose /// Filmclip

Hailing from Collarenebri in remote NSW the young MC Boomalli has had an impressive 2015 with being awarded the Australia Day ‘Young Citizen of the Year’ Award in recognition for his service as a Youth Worker and cultural ambassador. In music Boomalli has been putting in the work and his music is a reflection of his experiences of life and his work through the Desert Pea Media mentoring program, and a desire to be a leader in his community.

His latest single echos that of many Hip Hop heads, with Boomalli saying that “It’s about meaning what I say, and saying what I mean. Keepin it real. Keepin it 100. Keep hustlin, keep pushin. Don’t give up.”

You can check his self titled EP MC Boomalli on iTunes, Spotify and the usuals.