Well known Perth MC Drapht has today released his new album Seven Mirrors, featuring Nat Dunn, Brendan Welch, Briggs, Hilltop Hoods, Bradley Stone, Joyride, Katie Noonanhk & Dune Rats. Averaging 2 – 3 years between albums, with his debut Pale Rider released in 2003 and his fourth The Life Of Riley in 2011, this has been a massive 5 year wait between an official release. Drapht’s previously acknowledged the wait saying;

Its a daunting one coming back with so much time between drinks, but I’m excited to get some new music out nonetheless, and to finally come see all those new and old fans that stuck by me. And I promise to you and myself I won’t wait anywhere close to another 5years for the next instalment.

The first single released off the album is titled All Love and has a bouncy festival feel that is exciting and brings back that energetic melody that Drapht has delivered before on tracks like Rapunzel & The Paul The Dan featuring Trials.

Drapht Album Cover ImageThe second single off the album is titled Mexico featuring Dune Rats and it feels like a celebration of both artists and their unique sounds that create a peaceful vibe for the listener, proving that Drapht will continue to deliver the unpredictable material that, ironically, we are starting to expect.

The third single released off the album is titled Asylum featuring Joyride, whose contribution to this song was quite clearly meant to be, with both artists styles blending nicely on this emotional journey through some of the tough times in their lives.

The fourth single released off the album is titled Don Quixote featuring the Hilltop Hoods and is what many would refer to as a classic, an impressive contribution from both Suffa & Pressure, as usual.

On this is album, we hear many different sides of Drapht, much like his last album The Life Of Riley, though his style is more refined. If you’re a fan of him then you’ve followed the development of his personal style over the years, though it was hard to expect what was going to be on this album after such a long wait. From the production to the collaborations, the concepts for each song and the energy that he has delivered on this project, it is obvious that we can expect one thing, the unexpected.

For most people it will be a treat to hear Drapht and Hilltop Hoods together again, since we’ve enjoyed songs like Brain Box off Walking Under The Stars and The Blue Blooded from The Hard Road in the past. As well of course Pressure’s contribution to the song Verbally Flawless from Who Am I and Suffa’s appearance on Salute. Track 15 on the album titled Midnight At The Hospice is an interlude featuring Hunter, leading to Track 16 as a sort of two part song, as a tribute to Hunter’s life and his son Marley.

He has announced exclusive bundles of merchandise and box sets containing his entire discography on CD & vinyl, you can find out more at his store here. His achievements are impressive with a 2x Platinum single, two Gold singles, a Gold album and a handful of ARIA nominations with a win for Best Urban Album in 2011, and no doubt this one will grab him some industry accolades.

As far as an album goes, this release ticks all the boxes regarding great structure and versatility, concepts that you can relate too and fresh new sounding Drapht with a lot to get off his chest. From conflict within himself, relationship trouble, new beginnings and the universal hatred towards Mondays. If you are a fan of Drapht, or have been in the past, this quite simply may or may not appeal to you, though it is clear that he is making the kind of music that not only he can relate to and has lived, but many people can too, whether its result is a brutal realization of oneself or the motivation needed to advance forward, chances are you need to hear this album.

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