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Since 2002. Until 2018. Then a short life break and back in 2020. It’s not been perfect ride for OHH, but honestly, what is? Certainly not the Hip Hop industry in Australia. Only the lucky few turn this into a business, and we certainly aren’t, or wanting to be, in that category. Passions ebb and flow, resilience wavers. That’s why we’re trying something different.

We’re operating under a “under no management” system. Got Hip Hop news? You can help let the community know about it. Here’s the platform, here’s the mechanism, don’t worry about tech, don’t worry about tryna be a social media manager, just worry about letting ya mates and Australia know about what’s hot in your headphones.

We’re actively working to promote more diversity in Australian Hip Hop, with an emphasis on indigenous MC’s and women MC’s. We reserve the right to publish content as we see fit, remove content as we see fit, and edit content as we see fit, regardless of the original source.

We might not always get it right, if we’ve gendered, identified or represented you incorrectly, please let the us know at info @ oz hip hop .com and we will promptly update the content.