In the introduction of Un*Leaded you have this to say about graffiti: ?The essence of graffiti culture is the deployment of the word where to word becomes the story and where the letters are the mechanics of delivering that story.? What story are you trying to tell with your work, and with this book? What …

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Murs Interview /// 2005

MURS INTERVIEW with guest appearance by LUCKYIAM. ILSE: What have you been up to today? You’ve just had an interview at Triple J? MURS: Yeah. LUCKY: I just saw two of my ex-girlfriends today. Hello. ILSE: A girl in every port? MURS: YES! I’m the rapper, he’s the whore. MC [points to self], slutpants [points …

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Koolism Interview /// 2004

G FORCE (G): Congratulations on the new album. To start it off, how did you go about making and completing Part Three with reference to inspirations, time frames and the process in general? H: Maaan! A lot of late nights, endless studio sessions, near murders and suicidal tendencies. I’m sure nuff groups out there know what I’m …

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