Kerser calls his new album KING /// Is that an acronym for… ?

Kerser. Or as he likes to call himself “King Kers” has announced his next album is out November 14th. We gotta admit, the dude has balls, he titled his last album “Sickest Cunt Out There” which for mainstream sanitisation purposes is mainly referred to as “S.C.O.T.”. But can ol mate Kers claim King status? Maybe he’s the king of Campletown, and he’s certainly putting in the work and getting results around the rest of Australia, but KING? Nope!

So we chucked around a few ideas of what KING actually means;

Kindest Individual Never Gangsta

King of the Idiots N Grannies

Killin’ Individual Nerves n Genomes

Eh, this is taking to much effort.

Maybe Kers meant he is the king of Self Help? He’s been dropping some knowledge like;

If people talkin and they givin’ you hate, make sure you make your dream true and rub ya shit in their face.. its what I done !! #bigplansjusttrustme “

But the dudes been pretty busy actin’ up a storm with the Fat Pizza VS Houso’s movie, will this make Kers the first OZ rapper to hit the Silver screen?


All jokes aside the Kid Kers has been puttin’ in the work and we’re looking forward to peepin’ his new album. Keep up with Kerser at