Preorder’s are up for Hilltop Hoods Walking Under The Stars

Sounds romantic ay? Well, we might not be that far off going by the the two tracks we’ve heard so far from the album. The Art of The Handshake is a nostalgic look into the romanticized thought of honour and men and handshakes. Won’t Let You Down featuring UK crooner Maverick Sabre is literally a love song to their partners.

We however anticipate that Brainbox featuring Drapht is going to be on a witty wordplay tip, and if Pyramid Building isn’t about the illuminati or Amway then we’re going to be disappointed.

[divider]Track Listing[/divider]

1. The Thirst Pt. 4 (Featuring Aaradhna)
2. Walking Under Stars
3. Cosby Sweater
4. The Art of The Handshake
5. Live and Let Go (Featuring Brother Ali & Maverick Sabre)
6. Pyramid Building
7. Through The Dark
8. Won’t Let you Down (Featuring Maverick Sabre)
9. Rumble, Young Man, Rumble (Featuring Dan Sultan)
10. Brainbox (Featuring Drapht)
11. I’m a Ghost
12. The Thirst Pt. 5 (Featuring Aaradhna)

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