Remi wins $30,000 Australian Music Prize /// FIST BUMP

Our new best friend, Remi, is $30,000 richer this week after winning the Coopers¬†Australian Music Prize for his debut album Raw X Infinity, which was chosen as the best Australian record of 2014 over other artists like Chet Faker, and a bunch of other indies we don’t know or care about really.

Spot us a tenner bro?

This is what he had to say;

WE ARE LOSING OUR MINDS RIGHT NOW!!!! This Coopers Amp goes out to all my homies across Australia making whatever music they want, regardless of what other people think, keep doing you. This goes out to the Entire Oz Hip Hop community, you’re a bunch of bad mofo’s and I love you. This especially goes out to all the fans who supported our shit even though it was mad different to what was going on. We love you all. Thank you Coopers. Thank you Mum and Dad and my beautiful lady Inez…

This is also on top of the $50,000 that Remi snagged late last year for the Carlton Dry Global Music Grant.

So we’re expecting gold teeth, BMW’s and some possible house fires. But on the real congratulations to Remi and we hope that this gives him the ability to create some incredible music and build upon his already successful career. *Daps*