Australian Rappers Speak Up About Australia Day

Today stirs the emotional and political pot for many Australians, and it’s no surprise to hear MC’s geographically located in Australia speak out against the current Australia Day celebrations. The most prominent in our community, a vocal advocate for the indigenous community, Briggs, via Vice has put together a chat with Bangladesh comedian Aamer Rahman. While the video has a few jokes, Briggs has been branching outside of music with a flourishing TV and comedy career, the chat focuses on the darker side of Australia Day and how they deal with the day and covers a number of topics from BBQs to the Flag. At only 8 minutes you should watch it. 

Briggs is every bit as staunch on the social media when it comes to addressing BS, replying to many comments on his Facebook and not afraid to call out people via Twitter including others in the Hip Hop community. It’s an uphill battle for the Shepparton homie. 

Timmy Deutscher, a “fan” of Briggs on Facebook had this to say as a part of a discussion stemming from his comment of Briggs “taking shit a little to far”.

“Good to see GE (white people) helped an UNGRATEFUL TURD! sorry man but WTF! you on the sniff already or what?”

Wow. Just wow. Uplifting the conversation are messages of support, but the balance is disgustingly tipped the other way.

Always onpoint, Urthboy posted up this honest status on Facebook saying that “I used to have no idea why Australia Day is distressing for Indigenous people but checking videos like this sheds a bit of light. It’s well worth 2 and a bit minutes of your time.” and linked to this article

Urthboy speaks an embarrassing truth, some people simply don’t have the understanding of why, it’s a matter of ignorance, not always blatant racism (yes still plenty of that and ignorance does contribute). We like BBQs, and drinking, and a day off from work, we were probably asleep in history class at school (do they even teach the truth?). 

But in life, just as in law, ignorance is no excuse. We encourage all our readers to listen to the people that you respect in music, and hear them. Conversation brings change. Growing your mind through knowledge is something to strive towards, not to get defensive about. Watch the videos, read the articles, don’t stay inside your little bubble of BBQ bliss. If you already are doing this, don’t stop! 

Melbourne MC Eloji touches on the topic in his new track Thankful (listen here), with the line;

“On the 26th i aint proud to be Australian,
I’m shaming a racist and hating a Xenophobe”

A stream of Facebook statuses has lit up our Newsfeed today;

“I don’t celebrate my friends pain or the mindset of Terra Nullius that led to ‘settlement’. Make one Friday a year on a different date a proper celebration for ALL people
Show respect get respect!” Tornts (link)

“I don’t say this to be incendiary or controversial. I say this for clarification. I don’t celebrate “Australia Day”. I don’t celebrate it because I don’t see this as a date of celebration. I see it as a day of reflection and a day of remembrance dedicated to the first children of this land”. Defron (link)

“On this day I won’t be celebrating being an Australian. I’m lucky enough to be able to do that pretty much everyday.

I have an amazing life, amazing friends and family, and great living conditions. However, in order for me to live this privileged life, Our indigenous brethren had to lose theirs.

So on this day, I pay my respects to the many, many, many indigenous ancestors who lost their lives in order for us to live here. I hope one day soon, people will stop living in denial of our horrific past, so all of us, as Australians, can move forward as one people toward an equal future.” Remi

At about this time every year, I think “WTF, change the date, it’s not that hard”. Until then, I call today Survival day and stand with the first peoples of this country. Joelistics 

And plenty more. Get your dose of Hip Hop for today instead of the fairy floss countdown by listening to the stream from Hardcore Classic’s Survival Day show here.