Hilltop Hoods Release Restrung Album Out Today! /// NEWS

The Hilltop Hoods have just dropped their latest album, a combined remix of their 2012 release Drinking From The Sun as well as their 2014 release, Walking Under Stars. This is their second “re-strung” album, when in 2007 they released The Hard Road Restrung in what was groundbreaking work for Australian Hip Hop music. Undoubtedly this album doesn’t disappoint and will continue their record breaking, award winning ride at the top.

Their album The Hard Road Restrung which received the award for Best Urban Release at the ARIA Awards in 2008, was speculated by those-not-in-the-know to have been a method of getting out of their record deal at the time, but it’s no surprise to see them rework their last two albums in the same manner after its unprecedented success. Already released is 2 brand new songs off the album including Higher featuring James Chatburn, and 1955 Featuring Montaigne & Tom Thum, but a new album with fresh raps looks to be a long way off, with the fella’s busy on tour over the upcoming months.

Watch Higher Featuring James Chatburn here:

Official Tracklist:

  1. The Thirst Pt. 6
  2. Drinking From The Sun (Restrung)
  3. Higher (Feat. James Chatburn)
  4. I Love It (Feat. SIA) (Restrung)
  5. Live & Let Go (Feat. Maverick Sabre & Brother Ali) (Restrung)
  6. Through The Dark (Reprise)
  7. Won’t Let You Down (Feat. Maverick Sabre) (Restrung)
  8. Speaking In Tongues (Feat. Chali 2na) (Restrung)
  9. Cosby Sweater (Restrung)
  10. 1955 (Feat. Montaigne & Tom Thum)
  11. Walking Under Stars (Restrung)
  12. Drinking From The Sun (Reprise)
  13. Lights Out (Restrung)
  14. Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom (Restrung)
  15. Through The Dark (Restrung)
  16. Shredding The Balloon (Restrung)
  17. I’m A Ghost (Restrung)
  18. The Thirst Pt. 7
  19. Higher (Feat. James Chatburn) (Jaytee Remix)

Get the new album on iTunes here: Drinking Under The Sun Walking Under The Stars

Here is a sneak peak at the album, presenting the process involved in remixing an album with a 30 piece orchestra.

Last night the fella’s hosted a listening party in Sydney thanks to Universal Music and Spotify, here photographed with Def Wish Cast’s Sereck and Tommy Rock.

Album out now available through all the usual outlets. Follow ’em on Facebook if for some strange reason you have not…  Hilltop Hoods!