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5 Artists from the USA with average e-Hustle /// Spam Life Vol 1

Did you know OzHipHop.Com was established in 2002? Pretty cool huh?! Do you know what it’s like to have an email address that is 12 years old? We can tell you, it’s fucking shit. We’ve got spam coming out of our a-hole. From copper pipe manufactures to potential lovers, we’ve got it all. Just think back to your old hotmail address,  (you know, that thing you had before gmail), imagine that, but worse.

Regardless of our primary geographical interests, you know, Oz Hip Hop, Aussie Hip Hop, Australian Hip Hop, Hip Hop that is made in Australia, Hip Hop made by Australians, take your pick, we still get mass amount of spam from artists outside of Australia.

So we are going to post a few of these artists each week. Do you want to discover some grass roots American Hip Hop? Discover the next big thing? Well here you go, you can thank us later!

WARNING: None of this has had our tick of approval, truth is, we haven’t even listened to it. Is something here actually good? Jump over to the Facebook page and let us know!


This one is from Truth and Power “TP” called WAR featuring @KrookRock, @AntonioRnBKing and Ace Raw


Lew Sid from VA Beach, VA, but currently residing in SA, Texas, brings us “Boy Meets World”, produced by Ka-Meal.


Yannic brings us this little tiddy about the unhealthy psychology of binge drinking. What a wowser, but does this song wow?


Seems like a timely release from Harn Solo from New Orleans


Finally, Roy Dean brings us the “The Protest”.


And there’s plenty more where that comes from, stay tuned for next weeks Spam Life!