Burn city beatmaker Royalz has formed a trilogy with the release of Man vs. Maschine 3. Following the vein of previous releases, this release is packed full of remixes by the Grhyme Productions artist.

Check it out for fresh takes on tracks by Dialectrix, Force, Sinks, Bias B, Bigfoot and more.

We’re promised that this won’t fall flat other famous third instalments (Godfather 3, I’m looking at you) and it seems that Royalz has delivered.

Grab it here for “Name Your Price”! We recommend something with a 3 in it!


Track List!

1.Sinks – Only The Beginning (Royalz Remix) 03:21
2.Bias B – Been There Done That (Royalz Remix) 04:32
3.750 Rebels – Spit Vicious (Royalz Remix) 03:25
4.Delta – Mayday (Royalz Remix) 03:29
5.Esvee – 5 Animal System (Royalz Remix) 03:01
6.Deece – Planet of the Apes (Royalz Remix) 02:57
7.Nine High – That’s What We On (Royalz Remix) 06:04
8.Bigfoot – What Goes Around… (Royalz Remix) 01:35
9.Dialect – The Right Direction (Royalz Remix) 02:44
10.Esvee – I Have (Royalz Remix) 03:57
11.Force – Till It Reigns (Royalz Remix) 03:08
12.One Sixth – LOL (Royalz Remix) 03:57
13.Dialectrix – The Facilitator (Royalz Remix) 02:09
14.Kerser – We Here Now (Royalz Remix) 04:25
15.Fraksha – Creepin’ (Royalz Remix) 03:42
16.Bigfoot – Round and Round (Royalz Remix) 04:56
17.Ciecmate – No More (Royalz Remix) 03:44

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