In 2010, weather conditions started to change a lot in the state of Queensland, and eventually began spiralling out of control when the excessive rain flooded the streets, causing widespread devastation to the region. After 5 years and a dedicated 56 hours of editing, Dan De Sousa from Shoot Cut Drop presents us with a documentation of  one of the most epic Hip Hop gigs in Australian history.

The event, titled Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal Fundraiser was held at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, was organised, booked and promoted in 24 hours through the hard work of many behind the scenes, and managed to sell out the venue with approximately 1000 tickets sold in a day.

It featured artist including performances by:

Pharoahe Monch & Boogie Blind with Mela Machinko & Showtyme, Promoe Young LeanMantra & M-PhazesDiafrix, Briggs, Thief & Wolfgram, Yung Warriors, DJ Prequel, and Pez & Hailey Cramer.

The artists that performed did so for free and had many heartfelt things to say about the tragedy that was the Queensland floods. Including the legendary M-Phazes when he said:

I got mates up there that got affected ya know, around the city and obviously it’s just heart breaking and for all the people up further in Toowoomba and everything, and me being from Queensland, I felt it was only right for me to be involved in something like this, anything i can do i am happy to help.”

Peep the doco below and pat yourselves on the back for being a part of a scene that cares!

Video By Dan de Sousa – Shoot Cut Drop

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